Sansevero Chapel comes alive

NarteA Cultural Association is pleased to introduce you about its core business, the exclusive “theatrical guided tour”, an original format to visit Naples (Italy) and its spetacular places through a perfect synchrony between guided tour and theatrical performance. NarteA presents, in collaboration with Sansevero Chapel Museum, its new theatrical guided tour setted in the Sansevero Chapel Museum, a jewel of the world’s artistic heritage in the historic heart of Naples (


A Testament made of stone” will come alive all Sansevero Chapel Museum and it will lead the guests to the amazing world of Prince Raimondo di Sangro, glorifying his genius. Thanks to the “voice” of Raimondo di Sangro and other characters who made the Chapel’s history, this tour joins guided tour and innovative theatrical performance to know full well all about this cultural site, making up an unique and suggestive atmosphere.

This event, in English language, is an alternative and suggestive way for tourists to know this Museum and its history. Reservation is required and it must be made at least 5 days in advance for the chosen date via mail ( or via phone (+39 380.9049909 or +39 333.9513421).


 You can see this event’s promotional trailer on YouTube


“Il Testamento di pietra” è una visita guidata teatralizzata che animerà la Cappella Sansevero e trasporterà gli ospiti nell’affascinante mondo del Principe Raimondo di Sangro, esaltando il suo genio. Grazie alla “voce” di Raimondo di Sangro e altri personaggi che hanno fatto la storia della Cappella, questo tour sarà una perfetta sincronia fra visita guidata e spettacolo capace di creare un’atmosfera suggestiva e unica.

sansevero chapel

18 July and 8 August 2015: h19:00 – 20:00

COST: € 20,00 per person

Booking is required – Limited numbers

Info and reservation: +39 380.9049909 or +39 333.9513421 mail: |